Go Forth, Unzipped

Well may you ask, “why another sewing blog?”
And the answer is, for pure fun.

My association with the corporate world may soon be coming to an end. Since my employer doesn’t love me enough, I don’t want to sew for it any more. Freedom is looming on the horizon, my sewing style is being reinvented, and I want to have fun with it.

The thing that’s always attracted me most in more creative clothing are the wonderful closures you sometimes see. Besides being delightful to look at, they appeal to my sense of honesty. You have to have some way to keep your shirt on, so why not acknowledge it and celebrate it?

But zippers – yuck. The mission of a zipper is to go unnoticed. They disguise themselves in seams and hide behind flies. They are sneaky things (except for proudly exposed zippers), and besides, installing them is not fun.

So here’s to having fun with buttons, snaps, hooks, lacings, clasps, buckles and ties! But I intend to stay mostly unzipped.


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