Growing the Stash

Today's Haul

I have a love/hate relationship with my stash. The love part is easy to understand: here’s a great big pile of fabric. What’s not to love? The  hate part could keep a shrink busy for at least a year’s worth of sessions, delving into conflicted relationships with posessions in general, attitudes of parents who grew up in the depression, etc, etc.

Enough of that. Threads on stash guilt go on and on and on on the boards. My purpose today is to mostly gloat, but also to mourn.

Mourning first: Kay’s Fabrics is going out of business. This is the independent fabric store that I visited the most…but evidently, not enough. It’s sad to see yet another independent close up shop. I appreciate our internet vendors, but a place where you can feel before you buy is just priceless. Please, indies, don’t all go away. We need you.

On to the gloating: check out what I got! Wools, cottons, linens, and cupro. The wools have designer names woven into the selvedge. Perry Ellis denim. There were 13 pieces in all. Could have been more, but I just got the heads-up (thanks, buddy!) today, their last day in business. So the inventory had been pretty well picked over, and most of what was left was either polyester or linings. Still, I found plenty….at 90% off. That’s a pittance.

This is the kind of stash growing I can live with, guilt-free. Beautiful, classic fabrics, at a price no one could argue with. Perfect for stashing.


4 thoughts on “Growing the Stash

  1. Hey, I didn’t realise you had a blog! So now I will visit it. If you have really terrible fabric guilt, you can always send me some pieces. I feel rather guilt-free now that I am really sewing a lot more. What you got looks great. The thing is, you just have to know that you will sew some, pass some on, etc. I’ve made some beautiful things out of fabric I got for a pound, and fabric I paid a lot for is still sitting there. It just all evens out in the end. Think how much you spend on things you eat, or books you read once, or movies — you can treat fabric as a “consumables” budget, and then enjoy your hobby. As long as you are within budget, who cares?

    • *Think how much you spend on things you eat, or books you read once, or movies — you can treat fabric as a “consumables” budget, and then enjoy your hobby.* What you say is so true and logical. I just can’t seem to get over feeling like a glutton sometimes. Not always, thank goodness!

  2. I am always sad to hear about any indie business closing – and not just fabric stores. Indies often reflect unique communities the way chain stores never can. I try to support indies whenever possible.

    • Hi, Elaray. I’m with you. I try to shop locally first, and then go online. Lucky me, I found another indy that is much, much closer to home – and they are cheaper, too. The shop that closed catered to ladies who did not sew but had their clothes custom-made. Everything was full, full price.

      I’m so tickled that you visited my blog! I have to get better about posting more frequently.

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