Loose one, gain one…

As I noted in my last post, we’ve lost Kay’s Fabrics in the DFW area.  But through the magic of the internet and Stitcher’s Guild, I have a new place to shop, and it’s much, much closer to home! A Sewing Sister mentioned Pursley’s, which is on Main Street in Duncanville, TX.

Pursley’s has piles of flat-folds for your browsing pleasure, and little organization, so you’ll want to paw through it all. Fabric content is likely to be a mystery, unless you’re good at identification. I tend to choose by feel, and then if it survives a pre-wash, it passes! They also have bins and bins and bins of buttons (again, you just have to hunt through it all), lots of trims, and plenty of zippers. The day I went, they had a bunch of fabrics that were leftover from Coldwater Creek manufacturing – some fun and different stuff.

Thanks, SG member Linda 75142, for mentioning this local find! I’ll be going back!


2 thoughts on “Loose one, gain one…

  1. Oh, HERE you are! I’ve always wondered when you’d do a sewing blog.
    I am so inattentive to sewing boards but happened to see a post from you on PR where I go maybe 3 times a year and lo-and-behold, I tracked you down. Hi!

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