Post-Pants Sewing

As promised, I actually sewed something for someone else. Not only that, but I used a treasured border fabric for the project! Here is a casual shirt from Kwik Sew 2935 being modelled by the spouse. This turned out pretty darn nice – the pattern was drafted very well. 1/4 inch seam allowances prevented me from doing any fancy seam finishes, like flat felling. A second tracing with 5/8 seam allowances would give me the option for future shirts. Other than that, there’s really not much to say, so I won’t review on PR. This pattern has been reviewed with plenty of praise a zillion times already. That’s why I bought it!

Then back to me, me, me. My TNT t-shirt is from Ottobre, and I’ve been wanting to try another one of their knit tops. Loved the look of the “Waterfall” from the Feb 2009 issue, and here it is. Hmmm. Not perfect, but want to work this out because the cowl drape is not as extravagant as others. The armscyes seem cut kind of low, and the whole thing wants to pull towards the back. That’s a fitting problem I’ve never had before. Another point: the top has the front gathered across the shoulder, and that shoulder to shoulder drape makes me feel like a portrait bust, or like I’m wearing one of those coverups at the hairdresser. I’d prefer the gathers to be moved toward the neckline.  So next time I’ll move the gathers, raise the armscye, and see if a forward shoulder adjustment will take care of the back issue.


2 thoughts on “Post-Pants Sewing

  1. Love the shirt. Great use of a border fabric! Also like your new knit top. I don’t see the issues you’re referring to. It just looks great to me. Oh on retracing the shirt, you could just add strips around the perimeter and cut them back to 5/8″, unless you really want to keep the 1/4″ seams as well. Sometimes, rather than retracing all the pattern pieces, like when a pattern has 2 necklines, I’ll trace only the portion that is changed and tape it to the first pattern piece. In the example of the neckline change, I’d trace from the add/remove length up through the neckline and then tape that to the old pattern piece at the add/remove line. Then I can fold the other neckline out of the way and now have my choice of using the new neckline or the old when I want.

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