Recent Projects

I’ve been sewing away and not posting. The ideas come faster than I can execute, and it’s so hard to discard ideas! I feel bad for the ones that get old and stale and never become reality…but would need to work at warp 8 to get it all done…and the fact is that I’m a slow worker.

Over on Stitcher’s Guild there’s a thread about Evening T-Shirts, which began with a link to a video from the Guardian that RuthieK posted.

Here’s the thread:,10547.0.html

and here’s the video:

These look like the little cap-sleeve tops that used to be staples in 80’s/90’s wardrobe patterns, which I got rid of awhile back. Searching through my stacks of Burda magazines didn’t turn up exactly the right thing, either. Imagine that! But lately I’ve been thinking of the Brown Paper Patterns Tops package, and wanting to revisit it.

So, I traced off the basic shell with the neckline from the button shell, eliminating the back seam in next size larger than I used to use and added a cut-on cap sleeve from Burda. That’s a lot of frankenstein-ing for a simple pattern!  Now for fabric: Golden D’Or has had a lot of silk prints lately, and I succumbed to a few. (One was labelled Armani. Could it be true?) One of them got made into the shell.

It’s not as transparant when worn as it appears on the dressform, because I never allow myself to become sunburned to the degree that Babette has! But because of the transparancy, the facing has been replaced with a bias binding, and there are itty-bitty french seams on the sides. The sleeves and hem were done with this baby-hem technique Louise Cutting published in Threads: Quite satisfactory.

Recently I got an iPhone and decided that henceforth all pants need phone pockets on them. Back when I made V8499, one of the Marcy Tilton pants, I noticed that the seams dividing the front and back into two were straight seams and could easily be combined. The fit of that pant was nice, so it got the nod for the first phone-pocket pant. Pattern changes: made single front and back pieces, and eliminated the knee darts and side shaping by dropping a line straight from the hip to the hem on front and back. Added patch pockets at mid-thigh that are centered on the side seam. They don’t show in the photos, but close with a button.

I made the britches in a cotton canvas that wrinkles like crazy, and I’m not going to iron them, even for a photo. I’d call the experiment a success, although next time I’ll make them just a little longer and a little wider at the hem.

Then the Brown Paper Pattern came back out for the top in the photo. This time I made the button front style, in a cotton that resembles ticking. A nice medium weight cotton like that is so easy to sew and makes for a fun, stress-free project.

The camera is such a great fitting tool. I’d never get that back view with a mirror – looks like I need a swayback and narrow upper back alterations. Will do those before sewing another one. I have one of those silks in mind for this pattern, too.

But first, I’m giving Marcy’s other pants pattern a shot. Yesterday I did a quick muslin of  V8397 view C, the one with no side seams. Here’s a comparison of back curves. V8499 is the tracing on the top, V8397 view B is the pattern tissue. Not the same! 

Will report back. Happy sewing to all!


One thought on “Recent Projects

  1. Wow! You have been busy with lots of successful garments. They all look great – good job!!! I am just a little jealous of all that creativity and production.

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