Decisions, decisions

Like all creative endeavors and so much of life (can you tell I’ve had a glass of wine?), sewing is largely about the decisions you make. I am faced with one now. Here you see three equally lovely pieces of silk:

A silk sewalong is forming on Patternreview. Now, I’ve been a washout at every contest I’ve entered on PR, so I don’t even try that anymore. But I used to regularly enter the SWAP “contest” on Stitcher’s Guild. And I always finished.  Could be that the SWAP felt more like a sewalong than a contest. Anyway, that gives me hope for this one. It coincides very nicely with my start time for the silk shirts I’ve been talking about and testing patterns for oh, the last year or so.

Which should get the nod? Laziness favors the blue one – I have navy thread on the machine and bobbin right now. It’s amazing how having to wind a bobbin can put one off a project. But I’m open to winding another in either purple or black.

Speaking of silk, the latest easy project was this tunic from a decades-old Burda Plus.

This yardage came from Golden D’Or and I was so smitten with it that it hardly aged in the stash a month. It was just slithery enough that it needed a very simple pattern so that I wouldn’t go crazy. It’s hard to see in the photo, but this has a horizontal seam at the bust (with built-in dart) and bias binding at the neck with a loop button closure. I will probably never wear it buttoned, but the photo shows you all the working parts. Sleeve hems were pretty wide, so I took a tuck in them and secured with a matching button.  What you can’t tell from the photo is that the fabric has a matte kind of iridescense and shifts from teal to purple.  It’s a flashy effect, to be sure, but at least the colors are not loud. Pretty, pretty, pretty. Love that fabric.

 I’m going to wear this on Saturday. The kiddie lit writers/illustrators are having a conference, and it would be nice to wear something special. It would look fine with either taupe or gray narrow pants.


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