Sewalong Results

Here is the completed shirt from the silk sewalong. (nice romantic soft focus, isn’t it?) The orchid print was the winner of first Houston silk to be sewn. The pattern was from Ottobre, issue 2/2006, #4 with the sleeves from #5. All the parts of views 4 and 5 from that issue work together, so between the two you have a pretty versatile shirt pattern – and it is my favorite of all the shirts I’ve sewn this year. I sewed a lot of them, because I was searching for one to make my go-to TNT.

This one I modified by cutting curved shirt tails and lengthening about two inches. I lengthened the back even more, so it hangs down and covers all. The sleeves have cuffs and plackets that I would never have attempted without some pretty stiff starch. Starch also made the french seams a snap – all the seams are frenchy, except for the armscyes. Those were bound with Seams Great.

Here’s a closeup that also shows the cute little buttons from Jo-Ann’s. They’re kind of an antique brass kind of metal. I really liked the hexagonal shape for this fabric, since those lozenges in the print are elongated hexagons.

You can’t really see the placket because of the busy print, but they came out fine. I wouldn’t be embarrased if you could see them.

I can wear this now without a jacket because cool fall weather doesn’t arrive for at least another month, but I want to go ahead and make a cardigan to go with it. There is some wine colored sophia knit in the stash that is similar to the red in the print. It kind of clashes/vibrates with the purple background in an interesting way, so I like them together. The cardi is all cut out (old Burda mag pattern) and should go together quickly.

Lastly, here’s a pic of happy seamstress in her new silk shirt. It goes to a museum and an organ recital tonight!


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