Odds & Ends

The spouse has been very helpful in getting the sewing space to its optimal configuration. What it really needs is more lighting, and those materials are all here, but I’m insisting he get his darkroom (blogged here: http://newdr.blogspot.com/) up and running before he gets into another lengthy project for me.  He did sneak in a little improvement though — he fixed up some of the scrap pegboard so I’d have a good way to store all my rulers. Nice, huh? Then he did me the favor of introducing me to all the great little specialized hooks you can get for the stuff, so I got some for scissors and for threads and needles. Almost looks like a little store, doesn’t it?

In the new improved sewing room, I finished up the quickie cardi (no photo yet) to go with the silk shirt in the last blog installment. And yesterday I worked through a couple of muslins to get some good out of the JSM pants pattern I bought about a year ago. I have a powerful desire for some “trouser jeans”, which I am interpreting to mean “regular trousers made up in denim, and if I like them I’ll add patch pockets in the rear”. The denim is cut and ready for proofing.

Other projects: I’m posting these here to facilitate the family round-robin e-mail, but fabric will ultimately be involved, so it’s not totally off-topic.

We bought a great mid-century Danish dining room set at an antique mall a few months ago. Got a very good price, and everything seemed to be in pretty good condition. The table-top feld a little dirty/sticky and just needed cleaning up. So when we got it home, I gave the top a once-over with Murphy’s Wood Soap. Weeeel, that removed not only the sticky feel, but part of the finish! So time to get out the steel wool and get to work. The photo is the “before” shot. It now has two coats of nice finish on it and will get several more so it’s well protected. The main top is the only part needing refinishing, so it’s on sawhorses here.

The base, which contains the leaves (table can seat 8 with the leaves out) is shown in the second photo.  The mechanism for the leaves is really ingenious. They pull out from under the table top, and then each piece is hinged so they unfold like a flower. No metal parts – it’s all a jigsaw of wood, and works incredibly smoothly. 

Then there are the chairs, and this is where the fabric comes in. As you can see, they have avocado green vinyl seats, which are in good condition, but they’re avocado green vinyl. I’m fortunate to have a Crate & Barrel outlet near my office, where they carry Marimekko at a very reduced price. I thought Marimekko would be appropriate for the period, so fabric has been purchased to recover the chairs. It’s still green, but a nicer shade to my way of thinking. While I had the clerk cutting fabric, I also got a piece in another print that will make a great tote bag.

Yes, those dogs are everywhere. And now you know why even though I like white and think it’s becoming to me, I hardly ever make any white clothing. Cuddle one of those creatures once and whatever white you’re wearing has to go in the laundry immediately!

“After” pics of the project will be up when it’s completed – not too long, I hope!


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