Big Plans

The Spouse is going out of town next week, and I decided to take advantage and tackle something that I know will require me to take over all the horizontal surfaces in both the kitchen and dining room. It’s a chance to make up a coat! Last week I acquired some boiled wool at Pursley’s. They had both pink and blue – obviously, someone had been making some classic kiddie coats! Anyway, the price was fantastic, and the blue wasn’t absolutely baby blue, (it’s definately pastel, but has some gray in it), and I really need a new warm coat, so I jumped on it. I initially had in mind a retro 50’s big swirly coat.

Then I cooled down and reminded myself that if I spent three months on this project, I’d be shivering through most of the winter. Trolling through the PatternReview archives, I was reminded of Ottobre’s Salma Coat, from the 5/2009 issue.  Here it is:

It reminded me a lot of the Lady Grey coat that Gertie and so many other bloggers are sewing…only easier! Everything is a single layer – no hems or facings. In that respect it’s like a wearable blanket, but with a bit more style. You can’t tell from this photo, but in their model all the seams are exposed standing seams. I think I will modify that and do lapped seams, and add patch pockets too.

Here’s the techno-diagrams….

This will also be a skill-solidifier project. Inspired by some discussion at Stitcher’s Guild, I tried a different approach to the jacket I’m currently working on. The pattern was traced from Burda, but instead of adding seam allowances to the tissue and making it like a big-4-type pattern, I chalked around the pattern piece on the fabric, adding seam allowances and thread tracing. I kid you not, I actually traced the hems, center fronts, darts, etc, and tailor tacked all seam intersections and markings. And then I hand basted the whole thing together to do the fitting. Pinch me, I think I’m dreaming.

Anyway, now I’m all excited about thread tracing, which will be an excellent way to approach the lapped seams of this coat. Another plus – I will finally be able to use my giant snaps. I think they’ll be great on this coat.

So with the Spouse in Philly, I can spread those big pieces all over the place and hand baste them to my heart’s content. The actual sewing should go quite quickly.

And I promise the jacket that I won’t abandon it forever. It’s too close to being finished itself.


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