Short Rant

I am a little tired of people that move down here (Dallas) from other parts of the country and then whine because they miss the seasons.

Firstly, when you go places, it’s not supposed to be the same as the place you left. When you move or travel, you find new things, unique to that part of the world, to enjoy. I’ve lived in the northeast, and enjoy a glorious golden autumn as much as anyone. But we don’t have that here. Fall in this part of the country is not characterized by reds and oranges. Fall here takes its color from the other end of the spectrum. It’s when violet clouds of asters bloom, at least in older neighborhoods full of the plants that everyone’s grandmama grew. Fall is when the blue-violet morning glories finally explode in profusion. It’s the season of the brightest, most intense blue sky. If you can’t appreciate those things, then yankee, go home.

Secondly, we do too have seasons. There’s gin season and bourbon season. Yesterday I drank a last toast to the summer of 2010.

–end of rant, back to sewing–


5 thoughts on “Short Rant

  1. Enjoyed your rant. Being a native Texan, such behavior really tries my patience sometimes. I once said on a crowded elevator in the downtown Dallas highrise where I worked when someone was complaining about Texas weahter, “I-30 goes both ways. Head on back from whence you came.” That quietened the elevator talk ’til we reached the bottom floor.

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