3-Day Coat…Day 1

Not that I’m all about speed. In fact, I’m a pretty slow worker. But I really do believe I can finish the Salma coat in 3 evenings, and still have time to vote tomorrow!

Here are the pieces all cut out. This took the entire evening today, because careful cutting and marking are important to the result. I want my lapped seams to be purty! You can’t see in the photo, but I thread traced all the seamlines, and then cut out with a 1/4 inch seam allowance for underlaps, and 3/8 inch for overlaps.

Part of the exercise today was being sure of the finished length. Ottobre gives the length as 80 cm. I’m never really sure about proportions, so I decided to compare my Fashion Code short coat length to the proportions Louise Cutting advises for topper-type coats.

The Fashion Code gives you measurements from the base of your chin, based on (I think) the height of your head and the width of your shoulders. I took my short coat (or miniskirt) length and converted it to inches from the floor.

Louise Cutting has one measure from the floor to waist and divide by 5. 2/5 down from the waist is your topper length, in her system. I converted that measurement to inches from the floor, too – and by golly, the two numbers were only 1/2 inch apart.

Then the really cool part was that 80 cm, the length of the pattern, was also spot on! And thanks to the generous swingy-ness of this style, I could cut a straight 44.  I was good to go.

Tonight was probably the longest work session on the coat. Because I was a good girl and carefully thread traced, I should be able to do most of the machine sewing tomorrow evening. Then the third evening, it will just be a matter of finishing up, positioning the pockets, and sewing on a few snaps.

More to come!


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