3 Day Coat – day 2

 Apologies for the fuzzy photos. It’s late and I want to go to bed!

 I am on schedule with Salma. Tonight I sewed up all the main seams. Actual sewing time was around 3 hours, but I’ve already confessed to being a slow worker.

The one interfaced portion is a little collar stand that is really like a patch sewn on the back of the collar. I thought this could really benefit from some pretty stout stiffening, so I used some recently-acquired hymo canvas, cut on the bias, and that seems to be just right.

I did two rows of stitching on the overlapping seams, which perhaps you can make out in the second bad photo. These are my first raglan sleeves. They are not supposed to be good for triangle figure types, so I’ve always avoided them, but they seem to be OK. Maybe the wide collar counteracts the raglan line?

When I tried this on, the extreme flare below the waist less graceful on me than it appears on the dressform, but there are a few options:

1. Let it sit on the dressform or a hanger for a little while so the seams can relax. It would be great if this was enough!

2. If needed, I can trim the seam allowances to be closer to the stitching, making them a little wimpier. I have only myself to blame for deciding to have two rows of stitching, but some fabric can still be trimmed.

3. Last resort – the seams can be unpicked and some of the flare can be trimmed off.

Tasks for tomorrow — apply bias to cover the seamlines on the inside neck, position and stitch some patch pockets, and sew on snaps.

I should probably not be calling this a coat. It’s really a blanket-like cardigan, but much nicer than a Snuggie! The weight is really perfect for all but the coldest days here.



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