3-Day Coat – day 3

 My three days ended up not being consecutive, due to cedar fever. Sewing when you’re feeling under the weather only leads to mistakes, frustration, and sometimes to assault with scissors. So I finished today instead of Wednesday.

In the end, I took in the side seams a total of 5 inches at the hem, tapering to nothing at the point where the flare begins. My fabric just wasn’t drapey enough to look good with all the volume. It’s still plenty swingy. I also shortened it an inch.

Then there’s the matter of pockets. I like a coat, cardi, or whatever to have pockets, and I played with a test pocket, pinning it at different heights and angles, but decided that a clean line was best.

Other changes: Ottobre only put one snap on their model, and I ended up with 2. Snaps were affixed with embroidery floss. And Ottobre called for velvet ribbon to cover the neckline seam on the inside. I used a silk bias strip from the scrap bin.

I’m usually not a fan of deconstructed-type looks or raw seams, but in this kind of fabric, they look fine to me. The raw edges look minimal and kinda cool.

Cooler weather is here, so timing is good! In a boiled wool, this is a perfect wrap for Texas. It’s cozy, but lightweight enough that it’s not cumbersome.  The fit is easy enough to wear a sweater underneath it when extra warmth is needed.  This will get worn a lot!


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