Before Law & Order….

There was Perry Mason. Spouse and I like to watch this because the period details spark recollections and conversation. The show is a nifty time capsule of technology, styles, and attitudes.

Raymond Burr starred as attorney Perry Mason, and his beautiful “confidential secretary”, Della Street, was played by Barbara Hale. The audience is kept guessing as to whether there was some relationship outside of the professional one…there were hints, but nothing was ever spelled out.

Della, as a professional woman in the 50’s and 60’s, has a fun wardrobe to watch. I had to replay a recent episode to grab this screen shot of a very cool ensemble – dolman-sleeved cardigan with a striped shell and matching gloves!!

Here’s another shot where she’s wearing one of those fantastic swing coats with dramatic collar.

I don’t sew too much vintage, but like to look! And sometimes there are wonderful details that can be adapted. Remember when the back cover of Threads featured vintage details? I miss those!


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