Sometimes I read the style and fashion chat on the Washington Post. Every time they hold the chat, there are multiple questions on where the chatters can get a dress hemmed, or a small repair done. I’m always surprised that no one thinks of doing a simple hem themselves. Sure, you might want a professional to duplicate a jeans hem. And I think anyone that does actual alterations earns every buck they make.  But to just hem a skirt or dress? I’m not sure if the issue is a lack of time or know-how or both. I feel like there was a disservice done to these women by not teaching them the basic skills for maintaining a wardrobe. Think of how many things are probably consigned to the trash because they’re a little short or a little long.

Once again, I’m glad I can sew.

I recently updated a Loes Hinse Sweater Coat that I made for a SWAP several years ago. I wore it for a couple of seasons, enjoying the extravagant length. Then I got tired of it and put it away. Even the original pattern photo seems like it’s droopy.

I’ve had an appetite for cardigan-type layers lately and decided to revamp my sweater coat. It was made from a 100%  wool knit and the fabric has lots of wear and warmth left to give! I shortened it by about a foot. Since I was never crazy about that collar shape in this knit, I cut a new one which is a simple rectangle. The width is double the original’s width at center back, and the length the same as the original. Add seam allowances, fold lengthwise, stitch up the short ends, and attach to the neckline. The whole operation took a little over two hours. The reward? A “new” item for the wardrobe and a nice sense of empowerment.

Other sewing… I have finally made the very popular HotPatterns Sunshine Top. I had stashed a yummy rayon jersey that was just too drapey and clingy to use for a regular top, but lent itself really well to the gathers. The fact that there is no neckline binding (woo-hoo!) is a nice feature of this pattern. Another quickie project!

I cut the neck yoke a size smaller than the rest of the top, because these deep & wide scoops are always a little too deep and wide for me. This one still plunges to Burda-like depths…so if I make it again, I’ll redraft that curve so it doesn’t come so low. It’s a nice top, and more flattering than I expected. It looks nice with the sweater coat re-do, too!


One thought on “Self-Sufficiency

  1. I like your updates to the LH Sweater Coat! Glad that it was so easy to do. Also, really like your Hotpatterns top. Two great new additions to your wardrobe!

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