Home Dec, no sew

Several weeks back I posted pictures of a new (to us) dining table and chairs we had just bought, in need of refinishing and new seat covers. Many, many coats of finish and some skinned knuckles later, this is the ta-da! post. Finally finished!

Here’s a before and after of the chairs. They came with period-correct avocado green vinyl. Good quality vinyl, but nevertheless….I left it intact in case I ever (why?) want to restore them to their original state. The chair on the right has been covered with a cotton cover. There is a Crate & Barrel outlet in town (down off Industrial, if you live near Dallas) and they sell the tag ends of their Marimekko fabrics at GREATLY reduced prices. The day I was there I got enough to do the chairs and bought another print for a tote I’ll make someday. As you can see, I stuck with the green theme. I liked the quiet texture in this print.

I positioned the repeat so that there is an intersection of the four squares in the center of each seat.

And finally here’s the whole setup with the refinished table top. Just in time for Christmas!  There are actually 6 chairs, but two of them will go into hiding until their services are required.

I’m so glad to finally have this done. The long-term projects are really hard for me, because there’s always something new I’d rather be starting on! That’s why my rule about finishing each sewing project before starting something new is sooooo necessary. Otherwise I’d be neck-deep in UFOs with nothing to wear.


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