Comfy Cozy

 A big shirt means comfort. And when it’s made up in flannel, it is a cozy chill-killer.

This is another one of Louise Cutting’s big shirt patterns that originated quite awhile ago. She has several related styles, all with extended shoulders and no shaping. They are the old guard of her pattern line and are being discontinued as they sell off (discounted, too – watch her site to catch good prices).

I was late to begin using these patterns partly because of the envelope illustrations. To me they all looked basically like a shirt with different details – extra seam or two on one, a pocket on another. There really is more difference between them than that, but it’s hard to tell from the illustrations. Plus, there are some inaccuracies in the line drawings. For instance, on this style, called Farewell to Arms, the line drawing doesn’t show that it has a yoke in the back.

I happen to like a big shirt for lounging around at home, and this one has several features that I really like – the collar is very neat, especially for a one-piece collar with no stand. The shirttail is a separate piece, which makes it easy to flare it out to accomodate hips. And I absolutely love that every single seam is easy to clean-finish. I used flat fell seams.

The instructions in Cutting Lines Designs patterns are especially good. The patterns have simple lines, but are not exactly quick & easy to assemble if you follow all the instructions for pressing, edgestitching and topstitching. But going through all the steps yields high-quality results. And with the older patterns going on sale, they are worth buying just for the very complete instructions.

The fabric for this is a mystery. When purchased (fabric content not known) it had a hard finish, like a linen. But after pretreating, it got heavier and softer, like a heavy flannel. Lucky for me, since it’s getting chilly and a heavy shirt is perfect. The cut on this is generous enough to layer over a T or turtleneck, too.

I like these patterns and am very partial to shirts these days, so I’ll be making more.


2 thoughts on “Comfy Cozy

  1. Great shirt! Of course I have the pattern, but I’ve overlooked it also! Might need to dig it out. Did you do any full bust adjustment?
    marciae from sg

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