Dozen Jackets Sewalong

Over on Stitcher’s guild an exciting sewalong has developed! Last year Gigi sewed a jacket a month (I think she actually went over, but that was the idea.), and her accomplishment has inspired many, many sewers to do the same thing in 2011. Jackets, coats, cardigans, all those outer layers are fair game. And several of us didn’t even wait for the new year to get started.

This really appealed to me. Firstly, because I just love a third layer. Since I don’t seem to be able to tie a scarf or put on a necklace, I don’t do much accessorizing.  A jacket can handle that function, bringing distinction to a basic top and bottom, and gives just a bit of polish besides. Secondly, I’m always cold, and another layer is just practical. Especially in the summer when the air conditioners in town are set to stun.

Lots of new people have unlurked or signed up at Stitcher’s guild to participate. Some people want to hone their skills, some want to step up their look. Many of them are retired or have a relaxed lifestyle, but want to sew the nice fabrics that they’ve stashed over the years. Jackets are a great vehicle for that – and can still fit easily into a casual wardrobe.

I’m starting out easy with a couple of quickie cardigans using Simplicity 4025. Photo

This pattern was really designed for fleece, but I lucked into some co-ordinating knits that made up nicely. The colors are black and brown, and the patterns are a large zig-zag and a smaller herringbone.

The pattern was a good one for the most part. The area where the collar seam and hem meet is unrefined, though. If I sew this kind of collar again, I’ll find a different way to handle that area. This little jacket/cardi went together very well in little 15-20 minute increments, and took about 5 days – so about an hour and a half total. Not bad – one down! We’ll see if I actually make all 12.

I’ve been thinking about different kinds of jackets and pulling out patterns I want to make, but I’m not going to make a real plan. I’d rather make it all up as I go along. The one thing I will commit to is that one jacket will have a bagged lining, because that will be a new technique for me.

But next I think I’ll do a morph of this pattern, changing it to a draped front like is currently popular.  There’s a very soft slightly hairy teal knit in the stash that I want to be wearing, and it would adapt well to that style.

Interested in this sewalong? Here are some links:

Gigi’s blog, where it all began:

The discussion thread at Stitcher’s Guild:,11573.0/topicseen.html

Group Flickr album:


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