Jacket #3 & lots to catch up on

I am following through on my “no orphans” policy for the JAM and completed pants and a blouse to go with my “tasteful lady” chanel-style jacket. Unfortunately, I don’t have photos and you will just have to take my word for it! The pants were from the Claire Schaffer pattern V7881, which has been such a winner for me.  I made them in black stretch denim that I got from Marcy Tilton. My previous pair was made in a lighter weight twill…because the denim is a sturdier fabric, the pants were taken in a full 2” around the hips. Just goes to show how muslins do not tell all, and each fabric will behave differently.

The top that goes with the “tasteful lady” ensemble was made from S2614, a Threads pattern for a very useful pullover blouse. I can’t seem to find it on Simplicity’s site. It would be a shame if it’s already out of print! I liked this pattern so much – no zips, no buttons, but a woven top that has a bit more interest than a plain shell.  It also had different front pieces based on cup size. I used a mid-weight silk with a stripe woven in. The pattern is supposed to be cut on the bias, but I did it on-grain to have the stripe running up & down. It worked out fine! I can pull it over my head with no trouble, but the covering on my dressform is so grabby that I can’t get it on her to photograph.

I really need to come up with a solution for photos on things I have to model. The camera has a timer and all, I just don’t have a well-lit place to stand that has a corresponding handy shelf to sit the camera on! Everywhere I go, I’m back-lit. I’ve thought of actually taking photos of myself in a store fitting room, but don’t really want to do that. I know I wouldn’t like it if someone in the next booth from me was snapping photos.

In addition to the outfit, I have completed Jacket #3 – V1100.

This pattern is for a very nice wardrobe – the top and dress are so attractive, but the piece I really love is the swingy jacket with ¾ sleeves. One of Gigi’s jackets last year was the HP Riviera Blvd, which she did in  double knit – at least I remembered it that way. Gigi’s fab jacket

I had this nice wool double knit and wanted to do something similar, but was not willing to try the HP collar in this fabric. The V1100 jacket reminded me a little of the HP – must have been the pocket flaps. So, I struck out boldly even though the pattern is for a lined woven, and I was going with an unlined knit.

The spongy nature of the fabric made the walking foot a must. And I really didn’t think ahead to how many layers I’d have to sew through to make the pleats! Although I have to say I wouldn’t do it again, I’m pleased with the way the jacket turned out and am looking forward to wearing it. The style and color say “spring!” to me.

For the back pleats, I cut narrow notches in the hemline to reduce the bulk.

Then the pleats were topstitched in order to keep them in line. Really, what kind of a nut sews pleats in a knit? But the topstitching also emphasises this design feature,which I really like.

Cuffs were heavy and had to be slip-stitched to the sleeves to keep them in place.

Since this was a nice non-ravelly knit, I did not finish the seams. However, the seams at the neckline and cuff, which could potentially be irritating when worn, were covered with a silk bias band.

The button is a tagua nut slice.

I also plan to make pants and a top to go with this jacket. The pants will be the new HotPatterns slouchy jean – I have been waiting for a pattern like this for a long time! I have already done a muslin for fitting, and although I had several alterations to make, the pattern was very easy to fit. A wedge here and a wedge there, and I am good to go!

And I have a pretty silk charmeuse for a top. I like the top included in V1100, but it looks like it would try my patience in charmeuse. Instead, I’ve chosen the very similar S2455 – same idea, but without the cutout below the neckband.

I also want to post about my activities during the 4 days the winter weather had me housebound, but this entry is getting long, so I will save that for another time.

7 thoughts on “Jacket #3 & lots to catch up on

  1. What a beautiful jacket, Robyn! The color is so fresh and Spring-y. You have a good memory, I did make the HP Riviera Blvd. jacket in a red wool/lycra doubleknit. I love that jacket so much I have set aside a rayon doubleknit for a summer version. No need to be intimidated by the HP collar, it was really easy.

  2. wow! That jacket is lovely! Nice work.

    I have that Simplicity 2614 pattern and love the top–Tasteful Lady sounds like a great title for that outfit.

    The only place I can take decent photos is outside. No place in my house is well lit when the background is picked up!! LOL!

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