There’s a mini-wardrobe contest at PatternReview that I’m playing along with as a sewalong. Lately I’ve been looking at the Cutting Line Design patterns with interest, because they look just right for the casual-but-nice-enough-to-wear-in-public clothes that I always want and never seem to have.

So I’m working on the core of such a wardrobe for the contest, and plan to add a few more pieces as the warm season wears on. The first item is complete. It’s the shell from the Hearts A’Flutter pattern. It’s a shame that a lovely plain white shell – a wardrobe staple and something that will be worn again and again – looks so boring when photographed. There’s nothing here that’s going to make someone say, “Wow, I want to make that, too!”. But it was fun to make, and an easy sew, and will be easy to wear. It’s in a beautiful mid-weight linen that gets a lovely polish when ironed. Unfortunately, it has probably already reached it’s ironing apogee as a preparation for having it’s photograph taken. I probably won’t pay as much attention to pressing it in the future.

What else can I say to highlight the sterling qualities of this little shell? The neckline was surprisingly flattering – I was afraid it would be too high, but when worn it is just scooped enough and is a little wider, which makes for a nice horizontal line at the shoulder. It sits securely on the shoulder, which is something I really look for in little sleeveless tops. Bra straps are good and covered, and the top isn’t going to slide around and expose them. When actually worn, it has more shape on the sides than is apparent in this dressform photo. When it comes time for the final contest photography, I’m going to try to model the pieces, so maybe that will be displayed better then.

One of the joys of the Cutting Line patterns is that they are mostly straight seams, so it’s easy to have a completely clean-finished interior. The instructions for this one have the facings overcast (with the serger that everyone except me has) and then topstitched down. I wanted the insides cleaner than that, so I sewed my interfacing to the facing edges and turned them before stitching down, so they ended up looking like this.

This is the plan for the rest of the mini-wardrobe. One of the requirements for the contest is that you build on something already in the closet. My choice was a pair of navy linen pants from last year. I’m currently working on the shirt, which is in a lavender linen with a fine white stripe. The collar and stand (just completed….yay) are out of the same white linen as the shell. I’m not so sure I’ll finish everything on time. The weather is perfect for yard work which I’m also itching to do….and in fact I took the day off today in order to finish winter cleanup and do some planting. Could have been a PSD but we all have to make choices!


4 thoughts on “Mini-Wardrobe

  1. Well, I for one would make that shell given your photo. I love a clean line like this and Louise’s patterns are so beautifully drafted with incredible instructions for that professional look. I will be ordering this pattern, thanks!

    • Thanks, Julie – the piece I’m working on now is A Perfect Blouse, which I got from you as a SWAP completion prize. It’s still a goodie!

  2. I agree with Julie! Simple, easy shape, white linen..always classic. Yours looks great and I will be ordering this pattern, too. The overblouse/top will await your review.

  3. Your top is super! It’s perfect alone, or under a jacket. I hav that pattern, yet to be made. I want to make the overblouse that is shown with it, too.

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