Mini-Wardrobe #2

 This is the second piece for my Cutting Line mini-wardrobe. Pattern number is 90169, titled A Perfect Blouse. And it is pretty darn good.

I made this a few years ago — shorter, and in a larger size. This time I made a S for the collar, shoulder, bust and armscye, M + a little bit more at the hip.

The only real change I made was to the collar. The pattern has a teeeeeeny little collar that doesn’t look right on big old me.

So I modified thusly:

You need to know that the collar is drafted so that the upper and undercollar is all one piece. It is cut with the center back of the upper collar on the fold of the fabric. This cuts down on bulk at the collar points and automatically puts the undercollar on the bias, with a CB seam in the undercollar. I folded the collar (so that the addition would be exactly the same on both under/over collar) with the CB fold line was on top of the seam line and added a little to the width at the point, blending back in with a bit of a curve. A little bit goes a long way. The original cutting line is in red. This was probably about a 3/8 inch modification.

Here’s the unfolded, complete pattern piece.

I flared the sleeves out to a M at the cuff, because I could not button a small. This was a good move, as the cuffs fit pretty close. That can be a good thing for an oversized shirt, though. Keeps it from looking big all over.

Next time I might cut the neckband/collar area in a M, too. The S sits fine, and I would probably never button the neckband, but it would too tight if I did.

Another note for next time – you can see in the garment photo that the back tail is longer than the front. I like that, but I think the back is just a little too long. In fact, the next one should be maybe an inch shorter all around. The shirt has cutting lines for two lengths. The short one is too short for me, and the long one comes about mid-thigh, so it could be like a tunic. I took a couple of inches off of this version, but it is still just a tad long. Not too long for me to bother changing it, though.

One of the other wardrobe pieces is already complete, but no photo yet. The final piece is cut. I’m sure I’ll finish all the pieces in time for the end of the contest, but not so sure I’ll have photos – that’s always the hardest part for any of these contest thingys!


4 thoughts on “Mini-Wardrobe #2

  1. A girl can never have too many nice shirts. Very nice. And, I like the shell in your last post. I have that pattern, yet unmade. I’d like to see the overblouse on that pattern, made up.

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