Mini-Wardrobe 3

Easy Ageless Cool pants.

This photo shoot was a bit of a trial for the full-on wardrobe shoot I’ll need to do soon (if I complete the contest requirements). Results….meh. That’s for the shooting setup, not the pattern. I really like this pattern for casual pants.

Details were lost because of the lighting, but these britches have a side panel so there is seaming down both the front and back. Incorporated in the side panel are two buttoned pockets. Everything is topstitched, emphasizing the seams, but they don’t show up in this photo.

The pattern is for cropped pants with a cute hemline vent detail. Mine have been lengthened so they would be full-length. If you want to keep the vent detail, (which OF COURSE you can’t see in my pic) you need to decide on your length before cutting. Looks like I could add just a little more to the leg next time.


The never-flattering but all-important back view

I like these so much that I bought them their own shoes! I went with a natural-colored huarache. Picked this style because both the toe and heel are closed…any pedicure procrastination doesn’t show. Hmmmm. Internet is not allowing me to add a shoe photo right now. Sounds like something I’ll try again when the sun isn’t beconing me outside!


3 thoughts on “Mini-Wardrobe 3

  1. These look really nice on you. I’ve got a pair from this same pattern awaiting hems and the waist elastic. This is my second pair and I made them into a shorter capri.

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