Chain Mail

This morning we checked out the Main Street Art Festival over in Fort Worth. Lots of painting, photography, wood, glass, ceramics, and the like – and mostly all interesting to look at! There were very few fiber artists, but there was one booth with wearables that blew me away. Check out the chain mail tunic!  (the photo should enlarge if you click on it) These people had some amazing goods, all made out of this linked material which is used to make shark suits. Camisoles, beaded scarves, necklaces, some show-stopper purses. I could not buy, but maybe you can. Here’s a link to their website: Unzickerdesign. I may save my pennies; the material was very, very fun to handle, and I think I would like a scarf.

Another fiber booth featured hand-loomed wraps very similar to the Mildred wrap in the Fall 2010 Ottobre Woman. However, the hand-loomed fabric seemed almost machine-made in it’s perfection, so it really wasn’t very interesting. When I think of hand-made fabric, I think texture, but it was missing there.

I have been doing a little sewing myself, mostly in half-hour increments – like while dinner is in the oven. No PSDs are in my future for awhile, but there’s nothing wrong with sewing in little bite-sized bits of time. In a half an hour I can sew and press a seam or two, and I find I make fewer mistakes when I’m not in a sewing marathon.

Here’s another top from Simplicity 2614, a nice pattern with different fronts for different cup sizes. No closures, no zips, goes together fast. I made one of these to go with my Tasteful Lady jacket in silk (don’t think I posted a pic). This one is cotton, in my signature steel blue with a dot texture made from clipped threads. Is that dotted swiss? I remember swiss always having white dots.

The pattern has one sleeveless view and two with different length sleeves, but the sleeves are gathered and to me that looks too juvenile. For this one, I drafted little shoulder flanges that run from the front to back armscye notches. The flanges were cut double, with the edge on the fold, so they needed no hemming. Then I turned and stitched the rest of the underarm. I’m wearing this tomorrow so it will have a chance to prove itself in action.

While I am waiting for the lining for the next JAM jacket to arrive, I am working on another pair of Hot Patterns Metropolitain Slouchy Jeans to go with the jacket-to-be. When fitting challenges have already been worked out, pants are another item that lend themselves well to sewing with scraps of time.


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