JAM #6

I am still on a Cutting Line Designs tear and have made a second version of the By Popular Demand Jacket.

This was one of those rare cases where I saw the fabric and immediately knew what I wanted to do with it. Found the fabric at Pursley’s – passed over it on one visit, and when it was still there the next time, I knew it was kismet. I believe this is some gen-u-wine kind of Ikat because it started out only 36 inches wide…and after washing was closer to 32.

Because of the narrow width and also because there was some nasty adhesive stuff here & there that did not come out with washing, I did some fancy single-layer cutting. I managed to get most of the “plaid” type weave to match. Didn’t do so well with the backs of the two-piece sleeve….note to self: next time, match at the notch.

The threads in the fabric are fairly coarse, so I lined/underlined with a soft cotton batiste. I am absolutely in love with the way that feels on my skin, and will absolutely do it again. Oh, yes, the pockets – I used the breast pockets only and put a tab and button on each one.

This coming Wednesday I have a sit & sew class with Louise (Madam Cutting Line Designs herself) that I am looking forward to. Firstly, I’m very excited to learn directly from Louise. Secondly, I’m curious to try the machines that will be provided for the class. This will be my first serger encounter, so we’ll see how I like it! Baby Lock is providing the sewing machines, sergers, and a sales rep to help those of us who need it (like me).

I’ve sewn a fair amount of Cutting Line items this summer and am planning which I will wear to suck up to the teacher. Probably one of two pairs of Easy Ageless Cool pants, and one of the By Popular Demand jackets. Along with a Marcy Tilton tank.

Credit card, prepare yourself for action.


7 thoughts on “JAM #6

  1. Another winner! This turned out beautifully. I’m sure Louise will be impressed. Can’t wait to hear about the class and what you think of your “serger experience”.

  2. Great jacket., Yes, Pursley’s has some great finds. I seem to always come home with at least one piece of fabric every time I stop there (and ususally more than one piece!).

  3. I have ikat fabrics and I have Cutting Line patterns, but I never would have thought to make the latter in the former. Your jacket is a beautiful. Lucky you taking a class with Louise. She used to come to the sewing expo in our area and I always signed up for her classes. I am wearing a jacket today made from fabric I purchased from her booth many years ago. She is a lovely person and a great teacher.

  4. I have this pattern, and the drawing makes the jacket appear shorter and more form fitting than what I have seen displayed on PR and SG . I want to make it up but I prefer the more fitted look on me, so I thought I would ask you since you have used the pattern a couple of times. ( I think)…..
    Nice jacket by the way, I like the pocket detail and great matching the plaid!

    • Enid, this is a boxy jacket. If you make it like the pattern, it will be straight up & down at the sides. If you’d like to make it a little more fitted, I think vertical darts would be the way to go. That’s what the designer recommends for adding some shape to her other patterns. If you like your jackets with lots and lots of shape, it would probably be best to start with a different pattern.

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