relax a little

The first version of this little top was made before Martha’s Sewing Market came to town, and I was really taken with it. So one of the fabrics from the market was bought with this pattern in mind. No time was lost in making it up!

Version #1 made with no changes to the pattern except lengthening it a little bit and omitting the interfacing from the sleeve openings. The fabric is a beefy oxford cloth, and it just didn’t need any more body there.

In order to see how the sleeves look in action, you need to see it on a body. So here’s the ever-popular bathroom mirror shot; you do get a clear view of one arm.

This is meant to be a shortish little top, although I’ve seen it look nice lengthened into a dress, too. For my second version I decided to lengthen another inch, and like it best with the little extra.

Version two is made from a lovely rayon or tencel that I bought from the designer. It has a slightly sueded feel and is also a little crinkled, for even more surface interest. I’m pretty sure this will be a favorite. My dressform is covered in some kind of grabby fabric that makes it hard to arrange the top so it hangs straight across the bottom. In real life, believe me, it does.

The collar instructions in this pattern are extra-good. I have other Cutting Line patterns with banded collars, and although I haven’t compared the instructions step-by-step, I think they’ve been improved for this pattern. Nothing is left unsaid, from how to pin to which side to put towards the feed dogs, and the result is very nice. Having a collar stand that is squared off on the ends helps (and it’s a nice clean look, too) as it’s easier to make both sides identical than when the upper edge is curved.

The last thing I want to share is my seam bindings. Since I still haven’t bought a serger, the silk scrap bin was visited for binding material. I picked a patterned piece – it has paisley and dot motifs on it, and I love the way the two patterns blend. If I was Marcy Tilton, I would have used the binding somewhere it would show. But I’m not, so it’s all inside, but I really like knowing it’s there. Shhhh! You are now in on the secret.


2 thoughts on “relax a little

  1. Both are great! I have the same problem with my dress form.

    I really like the top on you and I can see the longer one as being great on you too! I have just finished the Sewing Workshop Trio top. It looks similar on my dress form. I’m wondering how similar they are. I’ll check out the technical drawing on this. It looks like a great go-to top.

    The collar + band were OK on TSW trio, but I’m definitely on the look-out for something to boost my confidence with collars and collar bands. Yours looks very professional.

    Thanks for sharing!

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