fiber art in public places

It’s a delightful surprise when you find that a mysterious stranger with a sense of humor makes you take a second look at the familiar. This is a busy intersection in Dallas, and we were stopped at the light. While waiting for it to change, I noticed this:

You can’t see in the photo, but there were pompons hanging in the tree branches as well as on the fence. Hmmm, says I. Once you notice something out of the ordinary, you look for more; and there was more to find. Several of the poles at the intersection had knitted/crocheted garments made for them!

This one looks a bit sweet and old-fashioned. Wonder if it had a brooch at the throat when it was first adorned?

Here’s her flashier sister, the hussy.

The light pole was sporting a flashy poncho.

Guerilla artist(s), I salute you! I hope to stumble on more of your work!


2 thoughts on “fiber art in public places

  1. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing those finds. I’ve only seen photos of these sorts of things; I’ve never managed to find one in real life!

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