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The other thing in this old Vogue Pattern Book that was remarkable was the hats. I am old enough to have a good recall of 1960, and I don’t remember so many hats. But maybe they were more common for the ladies who lunch.

In fact, the hats were important enough that they had little detail shots with details on the designer and also noting the color if the photo was black and white.

In case you can’t read the caption: “…Christian Dior’s rough-textured beehive straw cloche, towering high at the crown, and deeply brimmed. Forecastin the uninhibited color range of this season’s hats: the brilliant torquoise brim, the vivid orange crown.: Yow. I’m surprised she didn’t need shades.

Notice all the contrast trim? There was lots of that throughout the magazine as well.

And there’s this….showing the pattern magazine love with their initials emblazoned on your chest…


4 thoughts on “more vintage…

  1. Oh what a wonderful trip down memory lane. I was just becomming a teenager during that decade. I do recall that John F Kennedy’s biggest concern with First Lady Jackie was that she would show up hatless. So I’d say most of us weren’t too hot on hats, but there must have been a strong milliners (?spelling?) union that the then pres wanted to court.

  2. Oh, I well remember hats! Mom wore hats to church every Sunday. I wore a hat to my Dad’s funeral in 1966 (a teenager at the time). I still love hats; just don’t wear them much. I have worn a few times to church in the winter. A couple of the ladies there just love it when I pull out my hats!

    • Linda, growing up I always had hats and gloves for Easter, but that’s about the only time I wore them. I always said that when I wasn’t in choir anymore I’d wear hats. I’m no longer singing and still hatless….so I guess I was talking through my (nonexistant) hat….

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