CLD Pure & Simple shell and Heading For Adventure Jacket

I’ll be back to sharing my old Vogue Pattern mags, but wanted to post some actual sewing so that I can get credit for jacket #7 in the JAM sewalong.

A new little addition has come to the sewing room. I did finally buy a serger, and have been glad that I did! I got the Brother 1034D, which has the reputation of being good, basic, and reliable. That’s what I look for in a machine. To test it out, I made up a couple of new-to-me Cutting Line Design patterns.

The first was the shell from the Plain & Simple pattern. Zip, zop, it was done in a flash. It’s made from some mystery fabric. It’s a woven, but after washing it crinkled up and stretches as if it was a knit, so it droops a little bit. The texture might not show, but it looks like a fine ivory/beige tweedy stripe. And check me out, I even got it an accessory.

I like those multi-strand necklaces, they are big enough to make a statement. I have now made all the CLD shell-type patterns, I think. P&S and HAF are my favorites, but I have uses for the ABO top as well.

Then I went on to the Heading For Adventure jacket, and was really glad I had the serger for this one. Here’s the front and back, to show the cute drawstring detail.

The fabric for this was a treasured linen that came from the late, lamented Timmel Fabrics. I really enjoyed ordering from Julie at Timmel’s, and was always confident that I could rely on her recommendations.

This jacket was one of the first ones that came to mind when the JAM sewalong started. I knew I would finally make this fabric up in the summer, and just which pattern I wanted to use.

This pattern was originally supposed to be a very oversized duster. Louise advised on Stitcher’s Guild going down a size if you want a shorter jacket, which I did. I also made a forward shoulder adjustment, which means that I now have a separate sleeve front and sleeve back (the pattern as drafted has all 4 sleeve pieces the same). Another thing to note if you make the shorter jacket is that you will also need to shorten the pocket and take into account the depth of your hem. If you make the pattern’s great big pocket, you will be sewing over it when you hem the jacket.

Not all the interesting style lines show because of the pattern in the fabric, but I think once it gets some wear on it, they will show up more. This was a fun pattern to sew, because it didn’t go together exactly as I thought it would. If you like puzzles, then you might think the same thing. While it was not particularly difficult, it was not quick to make. There is lots of stay stitching, edge stitching and topstitching. Now that it’s done, it has an “Out of Africa” feel to it that I like very much. Haven’t worn it yet…can’t wait.

Next post will be back to vintage. 🙂


4 thoughts on “CLD Pure & Simple shell and Heading For Adventure Jacket

  1. I too have enjoyed making HAF shells this summer. I think I need to buy P&S too. Yours is great. And I do love your Out-Of-Africa jacket. I’d love to see it on you. Also I’ve embarked on some linen work, due in part to your encouragement on SG. Thanks for your continued inspiration.

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