sewing space

This post is to thank The Spouse for a BIG improvement in the sewing room. He installed track lights that illuminate all my work areas! OMG, I can see now! That is bound to improve my product in a huge way.

In sharing my joy, I will also share my sewing room. I’m fortunate to have a dedicated room so that I don’t have to clean up each and every time I work. The main piece of furniture in here is the cutting table. It’s not pretty, but it is way functional. The base is made from two chests of drawers that came from an unfinished furniture place. You can see one of them in the photo; the other one is positioned on the diagonal corner with the drawers facing out the other side. The remaining corners are supported by rough lumber. The top is a big sheet of plywood, with a piece of masonite duct-taped on top for a nice smooth surface. When the masonite gets goofed up, it will be easy to remove and replace it. On one edge is a measuring tape. This was a good find at the woodworker’s store – the tape was backed with adhesive – just peel and stick!

Shifting the view a little, you can see my other machines. On the cutting table were my workhorses, a little old Janome purchased at Sears and a Singer Rocketeer. Usually I work on the cutting table. This works for me because I am a one-project-at-a-time girl. On the wall here are the newly-purchased Brother serger, which sits on a table that contains an old Singer 66 or 99…whichever is the most common. The other machine in a table is a 70’s vintage Kenmore. Both the Singer & Kenny were unexpected bonuses when I went to buy the sewing tables, looking for a home for the Rocketeer. And since they work fine, I couldn’t bear to throw them out of their digs. The Kenny is really powerful and makes a good topstitcher.  Notice all the nice light cans pointed right where I need them! Also in this photo – my notions wall! JoAnn’s ain’t got nothin’ on me. Thread, rulers, french curves, scissors, marking tools and needles are all hanging on the pegboard. (pegboard also courtesy of The Spouse)

In the closet beyond is my stash, which badly needs straightening up. I usually do that once a year, whether it needs it or not.

Finally, if I stand in the door of the stash closet, there’s the pressing station. The stuff on the rack either needs ironing or is a candidate for refashioning. Look! There are lights above the ironing board, too!

That’s the 360-degree tour! It looks pretty spartan in the photos. I’ve got some plans for decorating, but that’s usually down around the bottom of my to-do list. I’m just not much of a decorator.

The Spouse also did the same thing in my art studio! There is now task lighting over all my work surfaces and also for the display wall. Thanks, Sweetie. You light up my life….literally….


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