why so silent?

This isn’t my dog….but it could be. And this is why there isn’t much going on at Unzipped. One of my dogs has had spinal surgery in the past, and is having another incident that will take a month or so to get over. I’m very hopeful – a bit over a week ago he couldn’t stand up. But now he can walk without falling down.

Now that he thinks he’s better, the trick will be to keep him confined for another three weeks. He does not understand the necessity of this at all, and wants to resume all his yippee skippy dog activities. But as a good dog mama, I have to keep him as still as possible.

Progress with the beaded silk shell has been slow because of the dog situation. I am in the process of basting the beaded chiffon to the silk underlining. I’m also crushing all the beads in the seam allowances and darts. Two muslins were made, so once the prep is done, the actual sewing should go quickly. Per Ann R’s suggestion on Stitcher’s Guild, I’ll finish my seam allowances with hand overcasting. Actually, the more handwork the better at this point, since handwork allows me to sit on the couch with my doggie.  Couch sitting = happy dog.

I wanted to have this top ready to go to symphony hall on the 21st, but don’t think I’ll make that. It should be done in time for cocktails in Austin for the PatternReview 10th anniversary celebration, though! 4-ply silk one-seam pants have been made as the companion item. They just need to be hemmed – oh, goody, more hand sewing with my pup!

The other thing I have accomplished while comforting my poor pooch is the fusible underlining for JAM #11. I HATE FUSING. hate, hate, hate. Absolutely my least favorite part of the sewing process. Anyway, it is done. The fabric is a patterned silk noil from Elliot Berman, and the pattern is the Ottobre jacket from a couple of posts back. No pics to share right now…sorry.

I hope you are enjoying a glorious fall! My favorite season. May your cutting be quick and your stitches be straight.


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