SAM #3

Another one that I pushed to finish so that it could go in the Stash Contest. There’s always a continuous “sew the stash….sew the stash…” loop running in the background and I kind of have the feeling that this will be the year that I actually do it. My pattern is generally that I buy a heap of fabric in January when everyone has new year’s sales on. This year I’ve pretty much resisted and am making a game of picking the fabric on the top of the pile and making it up, without regard to a master wardrobe plan. I think it will be fun.

This is another version of Cutting Line Design’s Farewell To Arms, one of the old patterns in the line. It may be out of print by now. It’s in the style of the 80’s big shirts, which I still enjoy wearing. The fabric for this one is a tencel blend, I think. It has that tencel feel, which is kind of like a heavy peach fuzzy silk. Yes, it is nice on the skin. You can’t see in the photo, but the basic blue is shot through with gray threads, so it has a subtle texture to it.

Pattern alterations: I changed the camp collar to a little band collar, which I am partial to lately. The other alteration was to take some volume out of the sleeve cap. They are positively huge on this pattern, so even with the alteration they are very roomy. Here is the method – please excuse the rough hand drawing. I truly appreciate anyone who takes the time to read my blog, but this time around I just didn’t feel like firing up the drawing program to make a neat diagram. You can get the gist of it from the sketch. On the sleeve, I folded out an inch from both the back and the front of the sleeve, on the dotted lines, for a total of two inches. This pattern has a great big old sleeve cap that tapers to relatively dainty wrist openings. The lack of volume at the wrists is good for us hippy girls – lots of fabric flopping around at our sides right at that latitude is not flattering. Then, to make the armscye match, it was raised an inch on both the front and back. This low-tech alteration worked just fine.

Here’s the back. One of the options with this pattern is an elastic casing in the back to take up a little of the fullness. I gathered it, but didn’t make it snug at all. The placement of the casing seems awfully low, even on long-waisted me. I think I’ll pick it out and move it up a couple of inches.

The fold on the shoulder is from carelessness in the photo shoot – nothing wrong with the pattern there.

There’s another change going on in my sewing thinking these days. I have always been an avid SWAPer and thought in terms of total wardrobe. That made lots of sense since most of my clothing was for office wear.  However, I am now looking beyond the office. In a year and a half I should be retiring from corporate life and concentrating on my own art biz. Looking forward to that, I’m thinking in terms of outfits. For each shirt or top I sew this year, I am also trying to sew pants or a jacket that specifically co-ordinates with the top. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to the coming purge of office wear! Meantime, I am no longer sewing for the office. More on all of that later.


15 thoughts on “SAM #3

  1. This looks so nice! Especially the front – it’s so simple looking but an elegant silouhette!

    I wish I knew how to make it look like that.

    I’m gonna keep reading…


  2. As I noted on SGuild, that is a fabulous shirt. I so looked forward to retirement and sounds like you are too. I highly recommend it; but I still don’t have enough time to sew!

  3. An ah ha moment…..thanks for the drawing. Now I can remove some of the bulk from the sleeve on Louise’s older shirt pattern.

  4. I just discovered your blog and love your good-looking shirts and jackets. They’re so crisp! I’ve not made a lot of buttondown blouses and will consider your site a go to for this type of sewing!

  5. Love this one too, Robin. Would love a close of up of your collar. Is it a stand-up collar that has been folded down in front. I like the look a lot.

    • I’ll see if I can get a descriptive picture. The collar is a simple rectangle cut twice the length of the neckline seam. It’s attached so length is seamed at center back, so it’s folded even with the fronts. It does stand up in the back.

  6. This is a beautiful top! And can I say that I’m jealous that you have an expiration date on when you stop working…as close as it is for me…its still quite some time away!

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