McCall’s 6513

During the PatternReview birthday celebration in Austin, lots of us bought a fantastically versatile knit at Uncommon Thread, I think it was. A geometric confetti-like print that included the colors black, taupe, gray, and off-white. It’s like the type O of fabrics – goes with everything! I want to use this fabric as part of my spring 6-pak, but because it is so special, prospective patterns are being auditioned. I had high hopes for McCall’s 6513, but it came up a little short.M6513

You can see the fabric, and what Bonnie did with her piece, here. See how lovely her top is? I want mine to be nice, too.

Here’s a lovely bathroom mirror shot of my muslin. The fabric I used here came from Fashionista Fabrics, and I liked it because it’s rather sophisticated for a pink. You can’t see too well in this photo, but the raspberry-sherbet pink is speckled with burgundy. Pink does great things for my complexion, but since it usually looks sweet, it sends mixed messages when I wear it. While I am flattered by pink, I am not sweet.

The pattern came close, it really did, and I will wear my pink top, but I don’t think it makes the cut for the confetti knit.  I wanted something with a lot of drape to it. This pattern has that. But even though I did a forward shoulder adjustment, it wants to slide to the back. The hem wants to ride up. And when I wore it yesterday, I had to keep adjusting the folds in the front to keep my bra covered. I hope I can tack it it place without destroying the drape.

There is an Ottobre pattern in a similar wrap style that I may try. OR, I might add sleeves to Paco Peralta’s drape-front top.

I may end up with a little collection of knit tops from the muslins to find the perfect pattern. Eh, there are worse things!


11 thoughts on “McCall’s 6513

  1. Hi Robyn,
    Very nice top! I made the same pattern which I recently blogged about, but to respond in greater detail I had many of the same issues you had. I’ve found that Fashion Tape works wonders in holding crossover tops together and that is what I’m using.
    My top rides up in the back too but I’m hoping I am the only one who notices.
    Good luck in finding just the right pattern for the cute confetti knit!

  2. I love the idea of ‘Type O’ fabric. Wouldn’t that be desirable. I hope you find the perfect top to make (but as you said – you are getting lots of nice knit tops as a side benefit until you do find the perfect one!)

  3. Robin, I considered a top similar to this one, too! It’s a great style for the confetti fabric. Thanks for the shout out on my top. Wearing it in Vegas this weekend!

  4. I have the same pattern. Did you make any adjustments to it before you cut it out? Or is this straight from the envelope? I got the PP dvd that shows how to make bust adjustments on knits. I have done it and it does make tops fit better. I would think bust and shoulder adjustments would help with the falling off the back neck problems.
    I would suggest emailing the photo to PP. They are very helpful. They may be able to take on look at it and suggest fix. Then it saves a pattern.- Great job though and pretty fabric.

    • Thanks! I did do a couple of adjustments before cutting. If I make this again, I’ll make more. Might take your suggestion on the DVD – I’m pretty inexperienced with knits and could use some help.

  5. love it!! I’m going to look for this pattern as well. Thanks!

    bluemooney, I have a sugegstion for the bra strap showing.. There’s a tape available at walmart and many other places – ‘Fashion tape’ about $3-4 ..that’s wonderful to stick in between bra strap and the top..

    In a pinch I use the paper tape (I fold it over itself to get all sticky sides out and stick between brastrap and top) doesn’t hurt the fabric..

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