more matchy-matchy

This is the second inside column for my 6-pak, which means I’m 2/3 done! The inside column idea has found a foothold in the spring 6-pak sewalong at Stitcher’s Guild. Janis made a great one for travel from microfiber, and it seems like other people are planning others, so I hope there are more inspirational pictures to come on that thread.

Here are the deets on this little combo…

The fabric is once again a mystery blend and I expect it is rayon and polyester. It’s a lightweight twill weave. It doesn’t appear to be of very good quality, and already looks a bit worn just from being laundered once. Too bad, but these combos are experimental so no hearts have been broken.

The pants are CLD One-Seams again, the tapered leg version. I still haven’t made these with pockets. The pocketless versions go together ultra-fast once you’ve done the fitting. And when you’re making two garments from the same fabric, speed can help you outrun boredom. I wish I could claim that I keep my mind on achieving my goals, and that I do whatever it takes to get there. Alas, I get bored sewing the same fabric twice….however, it beats winding the bobbin with a new thread color. So there you have it: the girl is flakey and lazy.

The top involved a little drafting. The starting point was the Ottobre “Carmen” top (issue May of 09) that I took the time to fit last year. As drafted, the top has a one-piece front and a back zipper. It also had the neckline & armscye facings combined in one piece. Changes for this version:

  1. Added a cut-on facing for a center front buttoned opening, incorporating a little notch to make the neckline more interesting. It reminds me a little of a sweetheart neckline.
  2. Drafted a back neckline facing.
  3. Used bias binding for the armscyes.
  4. Eliminated the vertical darts front & back for looser fit.
  5. Edgestitched and topstitched all the openings. Facings were also stitched down at their edges.

Next time I use this pattern again I think I’ll change the neckline to a more basic scoop or V-neck. That wide scoop is pretty distinctive. It has shoulder darts in the back that could be converted to ease, too.

Two garments left to go on the 6-pak! One is the knit top (I think I’ve found the right pattern for that prized knit) and the other is a Sewing Workshop Liberty shirt.


8 thoughts on “more matchy-matchy

  1. Really really like this outfit, the fabric, the color, what you did to the neckline of the top is such a nice detail, and I also like the washed patina of the fabric….lovely

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