6-pack completed

I like the 6-pack idea that ejvc has been hosting on Stitcher’s Guild for several years now. Six pieces a season that work together is doable and over time builds a nice wardrobe. It’s also something you can accomplish without sticking closely to a plan. All that planning is enjoyable, but carrying out a pre-planned sewing scheme feels a little like coloring within the lines. It gets to be rote and not as fun as it could be. But with the 6-pack, you can just say, “I’m going to work with a neutral and whatever other colors I feel like, and make a couple of pairs of pants and tops that go with them, and then I’ll make a jacket” and make it up as you go along from there. Like a very short endless combinations chain.

HOWEVER, I’m not sure if I ever actually completed all six pieces, until now.

Ta-da! This much-needed jean jacket tops off the other things sewn for the 2012 summer grouping.  The pattern is an old Burda World of Fashion (as it was called then) – from the 2/2006 issue, #133. It’s a plus-size pattern, sized 44 – 52. The cotton-lycra twill came from Michaels, and so it is nice stuff.

First about the fabric. I think I’m done with lycra. Even with a walking foot, it just wants to ripple along horizontal seams. You can see that even on RTW, where they can calibrate every little aspect of a stitch for the best performance. For this jacket, the idea of buttons had to be abandoned when I couldn’t make a decent buttonhole in the fabric. Lucky there were some leftover snaps in the button drawer!

This is the 4th time I’ve made this pattern and it was refined a little further from the last iteration, mostly by narrowing the shoulders even further. The Burda babes have w-i-i-de shoulders. The good thing about this jacket: it has lots of curves built in. I took out a lot of the waist shaping because I thought curves+lycra would mean wonky flat-felled seams.

Next time a jean jacket is required though, I think it will be time to pick another pattern to work with. 2006 isn’t ancient, but it’s probably time for an update and a fresh start. Like, next time, I’ll start with the right shoulder size instead of trimming down and trimming down.

Do you ever mentally rewrite your old reviews? First time I made the pattern, with very few alterations, I was thrilled with it and made it twice. I wore those jackets to death and even dyed one of them so I could keep wearing it after an accident with cranberry juice. They really were a step forward for me at the time and I believe there was much gushing in my review. That’s often the case – pleasure in completing a project clouds the critical judgement.  Maybe it would be worth it to edit and add a note about how projects wore after a couple of years, or if I fell out of love. Maybe it would be a good idea to wait a few months before reviewing.

A white jean jacket is something I should not be without. It has been worn quite a bit since it was finished, and fills a major wardrobe gap!

The rest of the 6-pack can be seen in these posts. There were two pairs of pants, a woven tank, a classic long-sleeve shirt that can double as an overlayer, and a sleeveless shirt.

first top & pants

second top & pants



7 thoughts on “6-pack completed

  1. I love your 6-pak. Thanks for the reminder of how useful this idea is. I must try it for fall. I especially like your white jeans jacket. I’m thinking of using CLD’s BPD. I can see where it bring a 6-pak together, as it did with yours. Also I’ve saved your link to that magic placket. So cool.

  2. This jacket is wonderful! A white jacket is so versatile and yours really looks extremely classy! I love the rest of your six-pack and loved reading about the tank. I’m on a quest to make one that fits in woven fabric. Again, great job.

  3. That’s a super jacket. I love a jean jacket in any color. And I agree about the Lycra. I don’t like how it sews, or how it feels. And yet, it is showing up in so many fabrics, so it definitely has a large market.

  4. A wonderful, and very useful jacket. Well done finishing the 6PAC ahead of time – I am well behind and unlikely to finish now.
    A lovely collection and finished on time. Well done!

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