change of plans

Sorry, 6-Pac, maybe next time.

Spouse and I had a long drive into town a couple of weeks ago and were discussing what we’d be doing this fall. And then I had the moment that I had been waiting for….the realization that I actually needed some dressier clothes. This NEVER happens to me.

Do you ever need real formalwear?

What I need is not the real thing – no gowns, nothing like that. Just a few outfits that read “special occasion” and are still comfortable. I have a predictable pair of black silk pants. Predictability only bothers me a teeny-tiny bit.  So I thought I’d sew some tops to go with them…and maybe jazz things up with a second pair of pants in charcoal. How wild and crazy can I get?

These are the toppers that are forthcoming….

This one is actually almost finished, except for hemming.

It’s been a long time since I’ve traced and made something from a Burda magazine. Maybe absence makes the heart grow fonder, or maybe I was just so unhappy with Vogue (more on that below) that the reliability of Burda was like a refreshing breeze.

The fabric is a berry-colored raw silk that I purchased from Cynthia Guffey at a workshop. The texture doesn’t show up very well, but there is a lot of it. This has been nice stuff to work with. The line drawings look like a jacket, but I’ll always be wearing this all fastened up, as a top.  With 3/4 length sleeves, it rose to the top of the list because it will look a little autumnal but still be cool to wear. That’s a must around here until December or January roll around. More on this when it’s all finished, which will be soon I hope.
Then, I am also very anxious to sew the new Cutting Line pattern. I’ll be making view A first, in a black & white dupioni. This one can be worn buttoned up as a shirt or open as a jacket. Either way, it will be loose fitting and comfortable.

View A has the double collar band. My plan is to cut one with the grain of the fabric running perpendicular to the body of the shirt. Will probably require a seam at CB. And at first I was going to leave off the pocket, but have changed my mind about that.

Some ideas are percolating for view B, but that has to be put off until later.


Now we come to Vogue. Skip over this paragraph if you want to avoid negativity. I had been collecting the materials to make the new Claire Shaeffer V8804 and got as far as making a muslin. I ordered this pattern as soon as it came out, because I was that excited to make it. In my pattern there were two pattern pieces that were not graded – the under sleeve and the side panel – but I thought maybe I could reverse engineer them. Well, that question will never be answered because there were just too many problems with the muslin and they were not problems that I’ve had before, so I wasn’t sure how to fix. The sleeve did not look good at all. I could have pestered Vogue for a replacement pattern (my first e-mail to them went unanswered), but in the end decided that I would not be able to make this pattern work. That was a real let-down, but I am done complaining about it now. 🙂

Vogue 7975, however, I have made before and was very happy with. I’ll apply Claire’s techniques and Ann Rowley’s excellent tutorial to this pattern instead.

Mood Fabrics has chain that’s appropriate for weighting the hem, and my buttons came from Mood, too. They are nothing fancy. Still need to make the trim before I get started cutting and assembling this jacket, but since it will be a warm one, it is the last on the list.

What do you need for autumn?


18 thoughts on “change of plans

  1. Well, how fun is this! You will enjoy making these pieces, I’m sure. And I’ll look forward to seeing them.

    Your TMA sounds very intriguing.

    But…I was hoping to channel your commitment to previous 6PACs. I think I still can.

    • Thanks, Martha! You will make it through the 6-PAC! I really think it’s easy to overplan and take a lot of the fun out of it. Your “chaining” approach will keep everything fresh, IMO.


  2. Robyn one of the things I love about reading your blog is that you stay true to your style…comfortable stylish clothes in fine fabrics that you actually wear. Can’t wait to see these pieces make their appearance!

    • Ha! That’s just plain old practicality. It really gripes me when I make something and never wear it. Bet that never happens to YOU!


  3. LOVE that raspberry Burda jacket! Can’t wait to see pictures, especially if its almost finished. I love the dressy Robyn, your colors and styles coordinate so well.
    It really stinks when a pattern lets you down, you can’t go wrong with a TNT.

  4. I’m glad that you are still making the Chanel-esque jacket. Even though the new pattern didn’t work out, you have gorgeous fabric and the final results will be terrific. I love your other plans, too!

  5. Robyn, love the patterns you have selected and the fabrics. What a shame about the CS pattern and a shame Vogue haven’t responded well. I can highly recommend the Burda pattern I used if you can be persuaded to move away from the Vogue pattern.

  6. I’m looking forward to seeing your completed Burda piece. I’ve had my eye on that pattern for a while but don’t trust making it just yet. Can’t wait to see yours!

    • Lisa, there are details in the back that I didn’t realize at first. The seams end in little vents – cute! Also it is very short in back. Shorter that the front – the hem is shaped. If you want to wear it over another layer, you might want to add a little width. It fits really closely.


  7. You are not the only one to complain about those sleeves. I am looking forward to seeing your finished jacket. U decided that I don’t like too much of the jacket to actually make it even though I bought the pattern. I am making a leather jacket first for fall. Using some cotton flannel to interline for some extra warmth since I need a good transition outer wear jacket.

    • Oooh, Nancy, I can’t wait to see your leather creation! The sleeves on the Burda I posted were so nice, it made me feel a lot better about abandoning that Vogue. Why mess around trying to make something work when you can just turn to another pattern that doesn’t need all the extra effort?


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