mooney designs

This is a commercial post, so feel free to skip it!

Holidays are coming up, and there might be some Secret Santas out there looking for some unique sewing-related gifties.

Here are pix of some of the items I have available in my Cafe Press Store, mooney designs. I’ve also added a link to the store on my sidebar. If you go to the shop, just scroll down beyond the wiener dog stuff….unless you’re also interested in the long hounds. One day I’ll get the dogs on their own page where they can stop shedding hair over all the sewing stuff. 🙂

These designs are original to me and reflect my slightly skewed sense of humor. Maybe they reflect yours, too!

Know anyone struggling with pants fitting? (Also available as a keychain)

How about a mousepad for your favorite online friend?

Perhaps someone needs a sewing journal?

grim ripper journal

If you’d like one of the designs on a different  product than what I have available (like on a t-shirt, for instance), just let me know and I’ll make it happen for you.

If you click through, thanks for looking! I don’t promote heavily here on the blog and don’t intend to change that, I promise. So far it’s only been once a year. New designs will be added from time to time as they occur to me. Thanks for your patience…next post will be about sewing shirts, or SWAP, or something like that!



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