Cutting Line Designs – A New Dimension

A New Dimension is the latest pattern from Cutting Line Designs. I started looking forward to this pattern when I first saw the samples. In the thread devoted to CLD patterns on Stitcher’s Guild, Louise let us know when the patterns were going to ship, so I was able to shop for fabric and have it all pre-washed in time to cut out the day after the pattern showed up in the mailbox.

The pattern

Both views have shoulder princess seams front and back. Dolman sleeves, swingy flare at the hem. The shorter version has a deep v neckline with a collar band and a tab button closure – good opportunity to use a showstopper button. The longer version has a collar with an interesting origami fold and optional pockets in the side front seams.

For this line of patterns, I like fabrics with interesting textures. Those can sometimes be hard to find. During my fabric shopping for AND, I found a light-weight cotton with a woven-in plaid pattern that was further texturized with an embroidered design. It was the right weight for a breezy dress with lots of gathers, but not exactly right for a jacket. However, Super Textiles also had a selection of brightly-colored cotton batistes. The two fabrics used together would be weighty enough for the design and would also give me the opportunity to hide all my seams in the underlining. I thought of the colors available, I’d like the fuschia combined with the navy fashion fabric.

I also planned from the start to make a bound buttonhole because I still don’t have a good buttonhole machine, and toyed with the idea of using the fuchsia for the buttonhole lips. Then I thought maybe I’d also pipe a seam or two with the fuchsia. Thank goodness for photo software that lets us try out our ideas before we actually spend precious time executing them.



I didn’t like any of those options, not even example “a” with the barely-visible accent buttonhole. So I just proceeded with the idea of making an unembellished jacket.

CLD ANDSingle layer cutting helped me match up the plaid texture. I didn’t bother trying to match the embroidery as well.

This went together pretty quickly, and since there is plenty of flare at the hemline, it didn’t require much in the way of alterations, either. I did a forward shoulder and lengthened it 3 whole inches to make it the length shown in the illustration. If I had made it the original length, it would have reached my waist. Maybe. It is a very cropped jacket. If you are average height or above, be sure to check the length before you cut, because there is only 7/8 inch allowed for hem, and if you want extra length you’re not going to pick up much there.

The buttonhole tab has a seam running down the center of the back of the tab, rather than seams on the 3 sides. This eliminates a lot of bulk in the corners and gives you a tidy tab. I wanted to have a bound buttonhole, and wanted the seam to fall exactly in back of the opening – so that the folded-under seam allowances would form the back buttonhole opening. That required re-engineering the tab, and was the most laborious design change I made.

CLD AND buttonI had a huge vintage mother-of-pearl button that I attached using rouleaux made from the fashion fabric. The rouleau? rouleaux?  was threaded through the buttonholes and knotted on the front, stitched to the jacket on the back. The ends were cut close to the knot and will be allowed to fray. Maybe I should just say “bias tubes” and not try to get all fancy with French.

The fuschia will be our little secret, OK?
The fuchsia will be our little secret, OK?

And here’s a photo showing the shape of the collar and tab against the BRIGHT underlining.

I like this pattern and look forward to making the long version.


12 thoughts on “Cutting Line Designs – A New Dimension

  1. You are so fast! All of your planning really paid off because this is just lovely.

    Would love to see it on you. I’m still in the admiration stage trying to see where this will fit in with warm weather. So I’d especially love to know what you plan to wear with it.

    So nice!

    • Thank you, Martha! I’ll see if I can get a decent photo of myself wearing it. I plan to wear it with a light taupe linen pants & shell set. Since it’s a light jacket it’s just right for warding off air conditioner chill.

  2. Great little jacket. And what a neat way to feature a statement button. Louise had the pattern and lots of unique buttons at her booth at the Sewing Expo in Baltimore. I am regretting that I passed on purchasing both.

  3. Great looking jacket. It should be about the right length for me! Thanks for the information. How do you do your forward shoulder adjustment.

    • Thanks, Marcia! For the forward shoulder: on the center front and center back pieces, I just cut off a half inch from the front shoulder and taped it on to the back. For the side front, I trimmed a half inch off the upper edge all the way down the sleeve. On the back piece I had to tape a piece of paper to that long shoulder/sleeve edge so I could add the half inch. Does that make sense?

  4. Wow, you are fast! This turned out lovely and I really like your choice of fabric. Looks like this one will be very versatile (as are all of the CLD patterns). I haven’t received my copy yet, but I’m looking forward to it even more after seeing your beautiful version.

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