EF Knockoff completed

The shirt I was planning in the last blog post has actually been finished quite awhile – has been laundered twice. But in all that time there has not been a nice sunny day when I could take photos. Today there are a few fresh inches of snow, but the sun is shining brightly. At last!

Here is the glamour shot…

EF Knockoff2

You can see the sunbeam. Oh, joy!

The base pattern for this shirt was Ottobre Woman’s 5/2014 issue, style #18. It’s an oversized shirt pattern. My previous post describes the changes I made to emulate the Eileen Fisher original.

Since the topstitching thread matches the fabric, here are a few details to show that the shirt is not quite as plain looking as it appears.

EF Knockoff3

Showing the side vent, stitching at the base of the placket, and the hanging loop on the back yoke.

And here is a photo of me wearing it, sleeves rolled up one time.

EF Knockoff1Critique: Looks like I could use an FBA and will make that change when I use this pattern again. I purposely made my shirt shorter than the inspiration shirt, because the first time I made this pattern (original length) the proportions of the very long shirt just didn’t seem right at all. However, I didn’t pretreat my fabric vigorously enough, and it has shrunk a little from my intended length. Also looks to me like I should rotate the sleeve a little towards the front.

The Ottobre pattern is a good basic to work with for an extended shoulder, loose-fitting shirt. I’ll make my fitting changes to the tissue, because it is sure to get used again.

I’ve never done a knockoff before, so this was a different approach for me. Fun!


7 thoughts on “EF Knockoff completed

  1. I love your “Unzipped” projects and think this is a very successful knock-off. I have about 4 EF garments, all of which have stood the test of time. Unfortunately, EF is now pretty much out of my price range so knock-offs may be the answer.

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