little white shirt

There aren’t many white shirts in the closet because of the way they attract splotches of tomato sauce and red wine. But I do like a white shirt and wanted one to go with the black and white crosswoven linen pants I recently made.

This is the Ottobre Woman Triangle shirt, #9 from the Spring 2013 issue, without the color blocked triangle.

I started with a fresh tracing upon which to work my alterations: small FBA, lowered the bust point, forward shoulder, sway back. Next time I could raise the bust point just a smidge, and increase the sway back a little, if there is a next time. I like the little cut on cap sleeves, but they might not be around much longer.

Here’s a photo on the dummy, which really doesn’t even work well to hang clothes on for photos anymore. The dummy is over 10 years old and there is no amount of dial-twisting that is going to make it resemble me. It would be nice to have one based on a body cast so that I could actually fit on it. However, those are $$ and would probably only be good for a few years, since  my body is going to continue to change. If anyone has solutions that worked for them, I’d love to hear what you did!


And here it is on me. It could have been fitted a little more closely, but loose is better in the summer.

Otto_Triangle2I’ve already printed out and pieced together the PDF for my first try with Lekala patterns. Lekala produces the patterns based on your measurements, not by a selected size. There are also opportunities to input a little more info, like whether your shoulders are broad or narrow, the length of your arms, etc. It will likely take a little back and forth to get my fit mapped out, but there are several free patterns that you can order multiple times to work out those issues.

Link to the free patterns: Lekala


10 thoughts on “little white shirt

  1. I am pleased to hear that it isn’t just me that attracts stains to white garments! Your blouse is beautifully simple and looks as though it will be incredibly useful. Enjoy wearing it and all of the compliments I am sure you will receive. 👏

  2. I know the feeling, I always attract stains so have few white tops! I like this blouse very much and it goes well with your pants. Enjoy it while it lasts! I do try to use cotton for whites so that I can bleach them.
    I just took Customize Your Dress form on Craftsy. It’s worth it. I am going to get one of the Uniquely You forms since you really do have the opportunity to add to it if you body changes and it’s the only one where you can actually narrow the shoulders and lower the bust if you need to. It’s not that expensive. She shows how to customize a studio form, a Uniquely you and a dial form like yours. I have a moulage from a class with Kenneth King and will start with that instead of the cover that comes with the form, depending on where you buy it. Some places they are extra.

  3. That is a really nice and light blouse for summer. The linen pants are lovely, and they will make a nice outfit together. I stain every white top, it seems, with pasta sauce. My husband and daughter put my stain removal skills to the test daily. I highly recommend Grandma’s (or is it Grandmother’s?) stain remover. Best I have found. I buy it in small bottles with little droplet applicator tips (it just takes a small amount) from Hancock’s locally. Recently I just tried their new spray. I do prefer the concentrate in the small bottle.

  4. Great blouse, Robyn! And the fit looks great. Also thanks to Nancy K for the tip on the craftsy class and the Uniquely You dress form. My dress form is in the same shape as yours, Robyn.

  5. You need to get yourself over here to the UK for the Great UK Sewing Bee—it’s a fabulous series on BBC that challenges sewers with various quirky and serious projects. It’s an elimination process so much high drama.

  6. I will add that I have a hard time sewing white blouses, which are always in need because of stains etc, because they are rather unexciting to sew. As for dressform, I ordered one that matched my narrow shoulders, then added padding with quilt batting. I put a bodysuit over the whole thing and it works pretty well. Happy Creating!

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