Kenmore 158.650

A new sewing machine followed me home yesterday. I absolutely did not need another machine, but it was only $30 and was super clean, so I bought it even though it didn’t have a manual or accessories.

Kenmore 158.650

It is a tank of a machine. 40 lbs — I weighed it — and look how stripped down and minimal the exterior is. That was part of its appeal!

It makes a beautiful straight stitch but is almost as loud as a tank, too. This week I’ll attempt to diagnose what is causing all the noise. It has a single cam in it, so I also need to check out what that does and try to locate a plain zig zag cam for it.

There’s already a first project planned for this baby, too.

Kenmore 158 back

If anyone has any experience with a machine like this, or knows what this dial on the back does, I’d love to hear about it. Sears is out of manuals for this machine.


18 thoughts on “Kenmore 158.650

  1. Beautiful! I’m a sucker for vintage machines. I might have the file for you from a couple enthusiast sites I belong to. Seeing if I can find it on there for you. Cheers, Kristen

  2. The machine will be quieter if you put a carpet square under it, Magic! I even put one under my Bernina.

    Sears bought machines from a number of companies, including White Westinghouse. You might check their website for machines that look like yours.

  3. This machine has a set of cams that works in it, I have the same machine, but did not get the cams either , but lady who had my machine said she still has the cams and will give them to me, I just haven’t made an attempt to go get them.

    • Cheryl, it seems a little noisy to me, but has a nice stitch and I do have it in rotation with my other machines. I use them all, so no one gets hurt feelings.

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