end of the vintage era

The end of my vintage sewing machine era, that is.

I enjoyed collecting and sewing with my old machines for about 15 years. While I didn’t have a huge collection, when we moved and downsized I didn’t have room for them all any more.  They went up on Craigslist this last week and were claimed in a matter of days. Here is a surprise – all my buyers were men.

The “in memoriam” portion of the program…


My Viking Husqvarna 21 was the first to go. The young man who bought it collects Viking machines and didn’t have this particular one.


The Singer 503A went to a man who was replacing another similar model to use in his upholstery business. He was thrilled with the condition of my baby and I’m sure he will take good care of it.


The Kenmore 158.65 and the Singer 66 whose picture is below went to a third gentleman. He and his wife run a quilting retreat and they will be using them for decor.


I used and enjoyed all of these machines, and am sorry that I can’t keep them.

My Featherweight is the one vintage machine that is staying with me. After all, it doesn’t take up a lot of room. And it does give me the option of using a dedicated straight stitch machine when I want to.

The machine that is replacing them all is a Janome DC4030P. I don’t have the machine yet, but I have cut out the first project that I will sew on it, and that’s a white shirt. I think that’s a really nice new beginning. I can’t wait to get started.

10 thoughts on “end of the vintage era

  1. The Singers bring back memories. I bought my first machine – a Singer in a cabinet – when I was 15 yrs. old. I had taken sewing lessons at a Singer Sewing School in Elmhurst, IL and fell in love with sewing. I paid my Dad $.50 a week until it was paid off. I now have a Baby Lock Melody. I wish I had kept the information on what Singer model I had, but I bought it in 1951 and had it and used it for years!

    • You were a passionate seamstress back then, paying back your Dad little by little! Those old machines work so well, and inspire so many memories.

  2. Thanks for sharing your vintage machines, I sold most of mine a few years ago after we did a remodel which replaced the room I had my machines in to become a large family room and sun deck. However, I did keep two- my Singer 503A & a Singer 201! I just couldn’t part with them! I currently do most of my sewing on a Babylock Quest Plus, although I do use the 503A quite a lot. Enjoy your new machines, happy sewing ahead!

  3. Nice you have found good homes for your machines. I have 5 working machines, 2 of them newer and 3 vintage, and 2 vintage toy machines, and 3 vintage machines that need some work. Someday I will have to pass them on to someone else but in the meantime they are fun to use and work on. Have fun with your new machine!

  4. I’m being encouraged to lose some of my machines at the moment. In truth I really should. Well done parting with yours, and finding good homes too!
    Enjoy your new machine when it arrives.

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