Vogue 7854

This project seemed to take forever. It’s not particularly difficult, but there is lots of topstitching. Since I decided to topstitch with a double thread, there was plenty of times when the machine needed to be rethreaded. Whenever that happened, I tended to get up and walk away for a couple of weeks.

Pattern Art:

7854 pattern art

My version:


The fabric is a stout cotton, crosswoven with aqua and violet. The overall effect is blue. I love crosswoven fabrics, and ordered this one lickety-split when it turned up on Fabric.com a few years ago. I should have inspected it right away, but didn’t…and later found that they had not only sent my yardage in three pieces, but that it had flaws like snags. I notified them, but never heard back. Since it had been a very long time since the purchase, I just let it go. Until now, when I just had to share the story. 😛

I wondered if the fabric was too heavy for this pattern, but I saw that Margy had made it in denim – her blog post is here.  It took a little experimenting, but I was able to cut out the long length (it’s about knee length on me) with all the snags on the inside so they don’t show.

Now I want to rant about another supplier. For a while, it seemed like JoAnn’s was stepping up their button game. But the last time I went to my local store, all the fashion buttons were gone. Way in the back, they had some crafting-type buttons and there weren’t even many of those. I would patronize brick and mortar stores if they carried things I need, but it gets harder and harder to find stores that stock what I want.

Except groceries and wine. I can still get those. And the wine was important when making this tunic. My new sewing machine did not come with a spindle for a second spool of thread, and I wanted to use double thread for the topstitching. I will order the spindle, but in the meantime, this was my makeshift solution:


I cut down a wine cork to fit the slot where the spindle was supposed to go, stuck in a couple of toothpicks, and used them to support a bobbin wound with my thread. A real spool would have been too heavy, but this arrangement worked just fine with the little plastic bobbin. Should have cleaned up the little wad of threads before snapping this picture.

That’s the “making of” story. I can wear this as a tunic with leggings, or open as a long jacket.

Pattern notes: To get a larger size at hip level, I added to the princess seams only, and kept the side seams nice and hanging straight, like an asian garment should. Next time, shorten the sleeves about 5/8 inch. I meant to do this, but forgot, and when I did remember I did not want to pick out all the top stitching. Also next time, I’ll make a little modesty panel to go behind the buttons. I put them close together to prevent gaps, but a little extra coverage would be good insurance.


Detail: pretty cross woven colors, button, topstitching.



7 thoughts on “Vogue 7854

  1. Robyn, I love everything about that jacket! Your top-stitching thread colour really highlights the fabric. Of course, it helps that my favourite colour is blue. 🙂 I am Canadian, so no Joann Fabrics here, but I was in Virginia last week, visited a Joann Fabrics, and was disappointed. Thank goodness I have quite a stash and a couple of local brick and mortar stores.

    • Thank you! Now you know why people complain about JoAnn’s all the time. It’s still good for the pattern sales and emergency thread purchases, but that’s about all. You must have suffered in hot and humid Virginia!

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