start of an endless chain

There’s a conversation on PatternReview related to a no-contest-no-rules-no-deadline wardrobe sewalong. That is just about my speed. I want to move into some lighter colored neutrals and move away from the black but don’t want to come up with a big plan, so the endless chain approach seemed suitable. The idea is that each piece sewn goes with the previous one (at a minimum). That way, you never end up with orphans.

My first piece was going to be a pearl gray knit tunic that would go with some existing jackets. I used a piece of ITY because it is so light and fluid, and it should layer easily.

After stitching it up, I decided I didn’t like the tunic length, and cut it off so it is just a regular top. That’s the one on the left in the photo. The pattern is a morph between the body of an Ottobre tunic I made before, and the neck from Jalie’s Yoko top. I didn’t just use the Yoko because it has a rectangle for a body — no shoulder slope at all. The Otto pattern has more fitted shoulders and shaped sleeve caps. It’s still plenty loose.

endless chain 1

I might make the Yoko as intended sometime, if I ever have the right fabric….but I am starting to reconsider messing with knits, so that might never happen.

There was enough of the ITY left over to cut a little tank top. It was cut from an old Marcy Tilton Vogue pattern, V8559. I first made that tank ages ago, liked it, and have never felt the need to try another.

Neither of these ITY things will ever be worn without a jacket or cardigan. Without the camouflage of a print, the fabric is too revealing. They’ll only appear with something like one of my old Tabula Rasa jackets, like the photo on the right.

Next up, next link in the chain, is a cardi that could be worn with either of the two tops.

8 thoughts on “start of an endless chain

  1. I like the concept of that sew-along, and your tops are great neutrals. I’ve made a number of Jalie’s Yokos, don’t let the squareness throw you, it’s a great shape. I’m looking foreword to seeing your next makes.

  2. A good start! I am still on winter, but as soon as I finish the pieces I’m working on I’ll be starting my spring summer wardrobe.

  3. Great pieces to start with. I like the concept of the endless chain sew along as well. I just wish I could make myself remember that every time something new and shiny comes along.

    I feel the same way about ITY being revealing. Even a print sometimes is. I have a bunch in stash that I purchased before I figured that out so layering is my only option. Or an under garment, which I have yet to make but need. The list goes on.

    Looking forward to your next make.

    • I think gathers really help with ITY, and it is great for draping. Those kinds of styles are not my thing, but maybe they work for you? This is my last piece of ITY, I think, and it’s not likely I’ll buy any more.

  4. That’s a great idea, I’m deep in the throws of the Sewing Bee zippers but like the idea of a year long sew along.

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