plans for another knock off

There are no completed projects to show here this time. My half-purchased half-sewn 6pak is complete, and I will take some photos to share in the next post. This one is being put up to host some photo inspiration for an upcoming project.

One of the members on Pattern Review, PammyJ, started a thread on a linen coat worn by Essie Davis in the Miss Fisher murder series. I vaguely remembered a duster type coat that she had worn motoring and flying an aeroplane (a little period spelling here), but couldn’t recall any details. However, the next episode up for viewing on my TV featured the coat, and then I wanted one, too.

Here are some decent photos of the coat gleaned from the official Phryne Fisher Pinterest page.

obscured by lovely scarf
with yet another lovely scarf
with lovely scarf number three

So many lovely scarves hiding the details I need to see to make this coat!

However, from watching episode in my queue (no scarves) I could see the following: below knee length, unlined, single breasted, buttoned sleeve tabs, raglan sleeves, flapped pockets, slightly rounded collar, center back seam. PammyJ thought there were bellows pockets, but on second viewing it looks to me like they are just patch pockets with flaps.

Here are a few more poor quality photos that I snapped off the TV.

Fisher coat 1 Fisher coat 2

I also found a pattern to use for my copy in an old Ottobre Woman. This is #20 from the 5/2007 issue. This should be pretty simple to adapt.

otto 2007_05_20

I had a piece of cotton/linen blend that has the right weight and drape, but not enough to make the duster length of the original. Luckily, still has some and a few more yards are on their way to me now.

In my research, I read that the costume designer for the show intended this coat as an homage to classic detectives. Phryne Fisher and Sam Spade all wrapped up in one coat! I’m pretty excited to get started on this soon.


Before Law & Order….

There was Perry Mason. Spouse and I like to watch this because the period details spark recollections and conversation. The show is a nifty time capsule of technology, styles, and attitudes.

Raymond Burr starred as attorney Perry Mason, and his beautiful “confidential secretary”, Della Street, was played by Barbara Hale. The audience is kept guessing as to whether there was some relationship outside of the professional one…there were hints, but nothing was ever spelled out.

Della, as a professional woman in the 50’s and 60’s, has a fun wardrobe to watch. I had to replay a recent episode to grab this screen shot of a very cool ensemble – dolman-sleeved cardigan with a striped shell and matching gloves!!

Here’s another shot where she’s wearing one of those fantastic swing coats with dramatic collar.

I don’t sew too much vintage, but like to look! And sometimes there are wonderful details that can be adapted. Remember when the back cover of Threads featured vintage details? I miss those!