Tabula Rasa Jacket 2

Here is the “nice” version of the Tabula Rasa.

Fabric – wool crepe that I bought a very very long time ago. This blueish grayish color is a favorite neutral, but it’s not always easy to find. This version is lined; I followed the instructions for lining and they are just fine as long as you don’t mind hand stitching. I have yet to bag a jacket lining…one day…. This version does not have any closure. Bound buttonholes seemed too tailored for this style, but I didn’t want standard machine buttonholes, either. No prob, since a fastener-free kimono front works fine.

Again, not a good photo. I’m so sorry not to be able to get an informative picture of this jacket for you. I think you can see the part that I am happiest with, though. That’s the lack of excess fabric through the shoulder and underarm. For an art-to-wear type jacket, that is an outstanding feature.

Fit for Art 2

Here it is with the brightness turned way up…maybe it will show a little more what I mean.

Fit for Art bright

No long navel-gazing, although this is sure to be my last post for 2014. I didn’t sew as much because I didn’t need much! The stash is down to a very comfortable level. I experimented with some lagenlookish styles but they didn’t take. There you have it, my sewing year in review.

Wishing you all a happy and peaceful 2015!

6 thoughts on “Tabula Rasa Jacket 2

  1. Robyn – I love that jacket – I’d not thought of using a wool!? Sometimes I just can’t/don’t think outside the box. Did you length that any – I didn’t see that you did but it seems a bit longer than mine? Great jacket
    Marcia from SG

  2. That is a great jacket. Lovely silhouette. And I was pleased to read about the special features you described. Looks like a really good draft.
    So I went right out and ordered it. Actually I’ve been eyeing it a while and your version sealed the deal. great color on you.

  3. Your jacket is so nice – I also hadn’t thought of wool, but it totally works!
    This is my FAVORITE jacket pattern, and I’ve purchased all the variation patterns too, including now the shirt and the tee shirt! Love me some Rae Cumbie. She’s really good at what she does.

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